SQL Query Running Once, Subsequent Times Fail. Preview Always Works

Help! Not sure what happened but every subsequent run is failing to run for the query. I re-created it from scratch and after closing the tab I'm running into the same issue. No additional things were added other than the SQL query.


Subsequent Run:


Found the bug. This query is in a Module. I'm using the new List View and using a table component with dynamic column settings. My table's data source is {{ JSON.parse(item.detail) }} and this prevents subsequent query runs on my SQL query.

Update: the problem resides in the new list view. bug list-view

Subsequent runs fail when using the new List View. Once the listview is deleted subsequent runs work fine again. Preview always work.
listview breaking queries

Hey @metechnologies, thank you for bringing this up! Just wanted to confirm your setup. You have the new listView within your module and within your listView you have tables that are all populated based on the query you shared with us?

I tried replicating this on my end, but haven't been able to. Would it be possible to share an app export (with any sensitive info redacted) so we can take a closer look?