Unable to load the data into the table although I'm able to see the data in the preview

Please help me get through this as I'm still in learning and exploration phase.

Does it load when you click "Run"?

For events that are triggered in a chain of successes, you can also try to start the triggering event.

Preview by itself won't show you anything in the App space (IIRC).

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It does load when I click Run

could you please elaborate or help me with an example? So that I could understand this issue better. I've even tried limiting the data to 20 thinking it is maybe due to loading a good chunk of data at once and still haven't seen any success yet.


Basically, your query as a preview won't populate any app components.

If you want to use your query to load the table you'll either have to set it up to run automatically when the page loads or to trigger it either manually or via an input change.

As an easy example, create a button in your app and set it up to trigger your table data query:

Make sure the query is set to run when manually triggered:


Now when you click the button it should run the query (not a preview) and show the response data in your table.

There are some other options to explore, like setting the query to run automatically on page load so that the table is ready as soon as a user opens the app.