Query constantly triggered, can't identify where from

Creating a simple App with one query and that query is constantly being triggered and I can't figure out what's the trigger.

Have built other apps where this isn't happening..

The only thing that should be triggering the query is the click event of a button.
The query has a url parameter that comes from {{textInput_1.value}} and then sets a few other texts on success and on failure.

Nothing else that I see..
Is there a way to check what triggers a query?

Also, I noticed that by having the Rest Query to have {{textInput_1.value}} as a query parameter:

URL Parameters: param_1: {{textInput_1.value}}

That means that every time the text in textInput changes (while I'm writing), the query is triggered. I want this to not happen and trigger the query only when I click a button.

However, can't find a setting to disable triggering the query on text change.. there's no trigger set in the textInput element or in the query resource..
Am I missing something here?

Ahh! I'm blind! ok, got it.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 1.52.06 PM