How to find a trigger

Hi - this may be the dumbest question... but I'll ask anyway.

I have a query that runs on page load but I cannot find what is triggering the query. Is there any way to search or find what component or event is triggering a query?

Hi @finedesignz,

What kind of query is it? For a JS query you can return "I was triggered by component: " + triggeredById

and that will return "I was triggered by component: undefined" or "I was triggered by component: button1"

If it's not a JS query, you may consider temporarily turning it into a JS query to debug the call.
If undefined maybe check the query's advanced setting for running on page load that could be causing query to trigger.

You can also delete the query and if used anywhere you will see its references that can start to clue you in who's triggering the query. You can cmd-Z if there are no references to undo the accidental delete.\

Alternatively, if you have Debug Tools available in the bottom right of your app

You can see the "Controlled by" and "Updates" dependencies.

This is a beta feature you can turn on in /settings/beta

Please let me know if any of this helps, is confusing, or otherwise. Thanks!