Automatic query on input changes, but for some inputs only

I have a simple app: it has an input and a button to query from input's value.
The query is heavy, so I want it only be run when I click submit button, not when typing in the input, so I set the query to "Run only when manually triggered".
But also my app use table with server side pagination. That means if I choose "Run only when manually triggered", the data is not update when I change table page.
How do I fix this? I want the query to be run automatically when I change table page, or when sorting, while don't run when I typing in the input?

hmm, so how about this option:
You could create a temporary variable to hold the value of the input and set the value when the submit button is pressed.
Change the query back to run when inputs change and modify the query to use the value of the variable instead of the value of the input box.
This should then run when the page or sort changes, as before, but won't trigger when you type a value only when you press submit.

I tried the same thing but it didn't work.
But instead I found in Advanced settings => Watched inputs, I can set the inputs I want to trigger the query here.

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