Stop get query on page load


I have a query which runs on input change ( Mapped it to a dropdown ).

I have disabled the query by providing a condition that
dropdown.searchValue === '' || dropdown.searchValue.length < 4

So the disable works, until I put 4 characters query doesn't run nor does it run on reset. But the query does run when I load the page.

How do I stop this ? Query is heavy and I don't want it to run unless required.
Also I don't want to put a button just to manually trigger it everytime. :slight_smile:

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Hey @nishadw!

If you set the query to run when manually triggered, there is a section in the advanced settings for Watched inputs. You can select any of the {{ }} tags referenced in the query there, and the query will behave as a “when inputs change” query, but only for the specified inputs

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Thanks @alex-w, it worked!

Also, if you don't mind me asking, what inputs does the query watch when it is set to 'run on input change'. The part of your answer ' ... but only for the specified inputs ' got me confused.

Thanks for your help.
Loving this so far :slight_smile:

It will run whenever any value inside of a {{ }} updates, like {{ textinput1.value }}. It will also always run on load