Push Notifications Questions

I am gearing up to add push notifications to an app with a deadline for next week and I have some questions.

So far, I have been experimenting with the basic functionality as per the docs and those work fine:

  • Subscribing user to various topics
  • Sending notifications to a user or a topic
  • Configuring deep links

Here are the questions:

  1. How can I tell what topics a user is subscribed to?

  2. It is unclear to me how the subscribe queries actually work. From what I see, they seem to run whenever an input changes and there is no way to modify that. This means that all subscriptions run for all users all the time? How can I then subscribe only certain users to certain topics?

  3. How can I confirm that a subscription actually worked for a certain user? (Well, maybe this is the same as question 1)

  4. How do I remove a user from a topic? (Not possible at the moment it seems, based on what I read in another forum post)

  5. Is there a reason why it's not possible to use variables in Deep Link > Screen? This basically forces me to create at least a query for every screen, which is unnecessary overhead, I think.

  6. Can deep link parameters contain objects with multiple keys? So instead of defining multiple parameters, I could define a single one with multiple keys - or point to a (temp state) variable that has multiple keys already.

  7. If a user already subscribed to some topics, can they then subscribe to additional topics? If so, how would that work? Do they have to reload the app, do they have to log in and out? Will there be a prompt to the user at all?

  8. Based on #7 above, should the additional topics be (or can they be) separate subscribe queries - or should there be a single subscribe query?

Thanks for helping in clarifying these points.