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I saw that it was possible in ReTool desktop to get Pusher Channels working. Would it be possible to get Pusher Beams or OneSignal push notifications working for a mobile app, and/or will this functionality be added without the use of a 3rd party service?

I'm hoping to get an app up and running for our Sales team early next year, so it would be useful to be able to send them push notifications for any reminders they have set etc. Perhaps a workaround at the moment would be to add events/reminders to their Outlook calendar instead.

Also, will it ever be possible to customise the app home page, rather than it just be a list? It would be nice to either set a default app for users that only have permission to view one app, or to customise the layout a bit for users that have multiple (sort of like an overview panel).


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+1 for default app instead of list, or a self-designed app home page rather than a list.


Hi all, product manager for Mobile here. Yes, Push notification is on our roadmap for H1 next year, and default app is something we would like to do very soon, possibly in the next month or so.


Push notifications integrated into mobile apps would be amazing, any updates here? I'm trying to decide if I should try to go through OneSignal myself, or wait for Retool to support an integration there or somehow let us send push notifications. If you guys are prioritizing other things that's fine, it would just be nice to know which direction I should go.

Hi Ryan, I have DM you to talk more about your push notification needs. Looking forward to talking to you!

+1 for both requested features

+1 for both. Do we have an eta on push notifications for mobile? Even with a third party like one signal or pubnub

Hey @cpearson4772!

It's actively being worked on by the dev team and they're aiming to have it ready in the next month or so.

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Great News!

Hey folks!

Push notifications have recently been released as a beta feature for Retool Mobile! Check out the documentation here :grin:

If you'd like to check it out please fill out this form!

Hey @Kabirdas I recently signed up for push notification and giving it a try. I am noticing that on click of notification nothing actually happens. It didn't even open the app. I am assuming the functionality is limited due to it being beta. Is there any plan to add more functionality such as open a specific page, action etc onClick of notification?

Hey @Murtuza_Ranapur!

The dev team has been looking into supporting deep linking for push notifications and a beta version of the feature should be accessible in the next couple of weeks :tada:

We can let you know here when that's the case!

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Deep linking should be supported with push notifications now!

Let us know if you run into any issues :slightly_smiling_face:

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