Unsubscribe from push notification topics

Is there a way to unsubscribe from a push notification topic?
I've tried sending a push subscribe query with the topics empty, but this doesn't work.

Good question, I am also interested in knowing if it's possible.

Hi! We haven't added a way to unsubscribe to a single topic yet, if you would like to not receive any notifications at all you could log out and log back in without subscribing. We'll update this thread when we add the ability to unsubscribe from specific topics :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! Do you know if this is on the roadmap, or just in a backlog with no explicit ETA?

This could be problematic. I am working on an app where a given user may be given different roles on different days - or may even change roles during the day.

This means that without being able to control when a certain user should not receive notifications of a certain type anymore, they may continue to get notifications that are not meant for them?

I agree that a unsubscribe method is fairly important.
In the meantime, a workaround might be to create a topic for each individual user.
You can use some logic to determine what users should be receiving notifications at what time, and push the required notifications to the users topic.
That is probably how I will handle this until an unsubscribe method is available.

Thanks for the suggestion. Understood, but there are also groups of users, like Assistants which users may rotate out of, which is an essential feature of the app's notifications and I would say a core mechanism of the Push Notifications package itself - the fact that you can pool users.

Thinking about it... a user basically already has their own topic via the USER:{{current_user.email}} subscription.

If we could force log out a user, it could be a workaround, but last I read this wasn't possible.

Hello Guys , any update on this? We need to see topics that users already subscribed , and need to remove subscription if they are.

Please update..

Hi there, Thanks for checking in. I added your +1 to the internal ticket where we're tracking feedback on this issue. It's still in our queue to be fixed, but we'll post here if we get any updates internally