Push notifications or publish/subscribe notifications between apps

A push notification feature would be really nice. Example use case:

User 1 adds a new Order in the Order app. User 2 is in the Fulfillment app. The AddNewOrder query in the Orders app pushes a notification to the Fulfillment app which then triggers the Orders query.

Or the AddNewOrder query publishes a message on the Order channel which the Fulfillment app subscribes to and a query fires when the channel get a new message.

Another layer on this would be to enable apps to receive webhooks so this type of functionality works from the outside.

@Shawn_Crocker seems to have a way to accomplish this using an external library -Best practice for realtime/event-based apps? - #16 by Shawn_Crocker (not tried it yet, but looks interesting) but this should be a native capability.


+1 realtime updating I thought, was something deemed completely necessary in a time when cloud computing took over way back. There should be something that involves less mystery javascriptyness! I'm not imagining anyone who builds with retool not being thrilled that there apps are staying synced in near realtime.

This is particularly useful on the context of complex projects involving multiples apps. For simplicity and speed, we break down what would normally be one app into smaller Retool apps. In order to work as one system, this feature is fundamental.