Mobile App Push Notifications

Hey there,

I am wondering if there are some more resources available to help me get a notification system working for the Retool Mobile app? I've gone through all the available documentation on the query and workflow set up, but still not having any success getting an actual notification.

Please let me know if there are any videos or other resources of someone doing this successfully start to finish. Any tips/tricks from anyone would also be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Hi @jrose ,

The docs are covering everything that needs to be done. On what kind of device are you running Retool? And are you runnning on Cloud or on-premise?

If you've added the push notification with subscribe action to your mobile app, did you get a prompt on you mobile device asking to allow push notifications? You might need to check the app permissions or maybe reinstall the app.

Hi @mbruijnpff ,

Thank you for your response!

I am running retool mobile off of an IOS device....I believe we are running on Cloud since its just the "Retool" app and I select which application to display from there.

I've added the subscribe action and created the workflow for the mobile app per documentation specs found on this website: Send push notifications | Retool Docs

Deleted and redownloaded the app to see if that was potentially and issue. Both times I was asked if notifications were allowed and accepted. Double checked the app settings on my phone to make sure that permissions were properly set up for the app as well.

When I run the workflow to send the notification, it says it ran successfully but nothing actually happens. Please let me know if there is anything else I should try, thanks!

@jrose, what does your query in your app and your workflow look like? Can you post screenshots?

Sure @mbruijnpff,

When I preview the subscribe query I'm seeing an error message

I have to think this is most likely the root issue at the moment

Hi @jrose,

Can you post a screenshot of the "Advanced" tab? Mainly, check whether there is anything in the Disable Query field.

Next, try triggering the notification directly from the RUN button in the workflow and see if the API returns any error.

Lastly, you can import this app and run it on your phone to check if the device was registered as expected.
Push Notifications - Subscribe.json (17.9 KB)

Oh wait, I believe you are publishing to an incorrect topic. If you notice, the topic that you are subscribing to is "USER:" whereas you are publishing to just "". If you prefix it with "USER:", it should work.