Push notifications have stopped working on iOS

Kia ora

iPhone users are suddenly not receiving Push Notifications on their devices. Nothing has changed in our app. Android users still receiving them fine. The problem was first reported to us on 21st Sept 2023 and is ongoing. Users have restarted their devices, and uninstalled / reinstalled Retool but the issue persists.

We use push notifications for MFA - so this is a huge problem for us as our iPhone users can no longer login to our mobile app. Any suggestions / fixes would be much appreciated, asap!

User reports iOS version as 16.61

Grateful thanks, Jamie


Hi @JamieAllen,

Thanks for reaching out (and thanks for also starting an email conversation with us, since that's typically the best way to reach out about more urgent issues)

I am able to reproduce this internally, which always helps with investigating. I'll post here if I get any updates from our mobile team!

Hi @JamieAllen,

We shipped the fix for this! Let me know if you're still seeing any issues

Hi @Tess,
It appears there are still issues with the Push Notification on iOS.

We do receive the Mobile Push Notifications on iOS, however, there is no sound/vibration. So, it's like a beeper that doesn't have a ring or vibrate.

For Android it works like every other mobile app, and there is sound for incoming push notification.

@JamieAllen Could you confirm if your iOS users also are not getting the any sound alert when receiving Push Notifications? I get the feeling it's a very small group actually utilizing it, because don't see/hear anyone having an issue.

Thanks so much for the update on this. The Push Notifications are crucial for our use case, and we absolutely love 'em - so - please be encouraged:))

The iOS situation, sadly, still remains the same. If the Retool app is in the foreground when the notification is sent, it fails to arrive. If it's in the background, the notification arrives fine. It's a huge problem for us, because we use push notifications to provide an MFA layer to help with our data security.... And so the notification request is triggered by the user, from the app (so, therefore, it's in the foreground at the time of the request!) We would very much appreciate a fix...!

With gratitude, Jamie

Hey @JamieAllen, sorry you're still having issues. Can you confirm you're on the latest app store version? I just tested and if I'm understanding your issue correctly, things are working for me and we haven't had any other reports of this as far as I know! Please see attached screenshot for reference.

@Diskin, sorry you're having issues as well. Notifications should be triggering the default notification sound so this sounds like a bug. Our team is heading out for the Thanksgiving holiday but we should be able to take a look at this next week.

Hi @JamieAllen ,
Thanks for you response.
Oooof. That’s quite some time to be waiting around for this.

I had indeed taken notice that Push notifications don’t arrive while app is in the foreground. As a workaround, have you considered delaying the Push Notification for ~5 seconds thereby giving your users time to move Retool to the background? It’s of course ridiculous to have to do that, but sounds like it should work for your needs.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes…we’ve spent hours upon hours struggling with this, as we discovered it just before rolling out our mobile app to users. Anything you could do to escalate it would be very much appreciated!

This may be very good news for you (and your users). Despite previously experiencing the exact behavior you described, based on the screenshot that @donaldhruska sent, I tested again, and it appears to have been solved.
I see in AppStore that there was a new release 5 days ago, so it seems that likely contains your fix.

Kia ora @Diskin - thanks heaps for your kind message.

Absolutely DELIGHTED to say.... YESSSS! Our iPhone users have updated to the latest Retool version and - BAM - notifications are working when the app is in the foreground:)))

Thank you, TeamAwesome at Retool - much appreciated:)


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Hi @donaldhruska,
Circling back about the missing sound/vibrate alert when receiving Push Notifications in iOS?

A Push Notification without a a sound/vibrate alert, is analogous to a beeper/pager that has no ring. Not altogether useless, but sorta!

And a Mobile App without support for Push Notifications, is...not in a great class.

We're struggling with this...possible to escalate, please?

Hi @Diskin The notification sound bug has been reported to our team (I'm seeing the same issue on my side :disappointed:) Thank you for flagging it! I'll keep you posted as I hear updates.

Hi @Diskin! We just pushed a fix for the sound issue, do you mind trying again (no need to update the mobile app)?

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Confirmed - fixed! Thank you very much!

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I can tell you what worked for me, what i did was this pushed notifications are not working on your iPhone, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially fix the issue. Here's a guide to help you:-

  1. Check Internet Connection:-
    -Ensure that your iPhone has a stable internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or
    cellular data. Push notifications require an active internet connection to be received.
  2. Enable Notifications:-
    -Make sure that notifications are enabled for the specific app in question. To do this,
    go to "Settings" > "Notifications," find the app, and ensure that notifications are
    turned on.
  3. Check Do Not Disturb Mode:-
    -Verify that your iPhone is not in Do Not Disturb mode. When this mode is enabled,
    notifications are silenced. You can check and disable Do Not Disturb in the Control
    Center or in "Settings."
  4. Restart Your iPhone:-
    -Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve temporary glitches. Turn off your iPhone, wait
    a few seconds, and then turn it back on.

If the problem persists after trying these steps, it may be worth contacting Apple Support for further assistance.

This was a confirmed bug with Retool Mobile for iOS, with confirmed fix.

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