Setting up App - Retool Mobile Error/Bug

My retool mobile users have recently experienced this issue, where the app never starts and keeps showing "setting up app" message. This is urgent since its disrupting operations.

the app is working fine on my iphone, but some other users with iphones are experiencing this issue.

@Hussein_Ahmed can you share more about who is experiencing this issue? Is it every user other than yourself? Do other apps load successfully?

If you delete + reinstall your Retool Mobile native app, does the problem still occur?

Have you recently made any changes to your app?

@Hussein_Ahmed it may also be easier for me to debug if you email me your app export JSON to braden AT retool dot com. Totally understand if you're not comfortable with that though!

One of my users is experiencing the same thing with both his ipad and iphone

My user did delete the app and re install.
I haven't made any changes to the app recently.

@Hussein_Ahmed @PadenM do you both mind having these users try again at your earliest convenience and letting us know if they're still experiencing this? We reverted a recent change and want to see if it was related.

@donaldhruska Great, That Fixed the issue on my side.

@Hussein_Ahmed was this issue fixed for your users as well?