Mobile Push Notifications - No Sound Alert on iPhone, only Banner?

We cannot get any sound to play on iPhone when receiving a Push Notification on our Retool Mobile App (or vibration when on silent).
Spent hours fiddling with the settings for Notifications via iPhone>>Settings>>Retool>>Notifications, all to no avail.

Even attempted to try with the 'Announce Notifications' setting(s), that also did not help.

To be clear: the Push Notifications do work. The Notifications appear when on Lock Screen, as well as Banners when phone is not locked. Even setting the Banner Style setting (either to Temporary vs. Persistent) on the Notifications settings Page appears to work. However, just cannot get any sound on receiving notifications.

Tried deleting the App and reinstalling (a few times). No change.
Have attempted toggling the setting on/off and then back on. No change.

Messed around endlessly with the settings in Sounds and Haptics. No change. Upgraded the iOS to the latest iOS 16, and then to iOS 17. Still no luck. Multiple users and (iPhone) devices observing the same behavior.

The issue does not affect Android devices, they make a sound when receiving Mobile Push Notifications. This appears to be limited to iOS.

Are people just not using Retool's Mobile App? Can't believe this has not yet come up?

It might not play sound at all. Is there a particular reason you'd expect it to make a noise? Can you share more about what you're trying to do?

Thank you for the reply.
It's entirely standard for Mobile Push Notifications to make a sound (or vibrate when silenced) when they are received.
Ya know...when you get an email on your phone, it dings? That sound.

In fact, as mentioned in the initial post - in the Retools Settings in iOS, there's actually an option for it to toggle of and off.

Furthermore, today we made it to testing using a current Android device, and confirmed that on Android it works fine. A sound is made when receiving Mobile Push Notification.

This is bare bones basic functionality of a Mobile App and Mobile App Push Notifications. Please help and escalate?

Hi @Diskin,

I looked into this further. It does appear that we had not been sending notifications with sound at the time that you made this request. However, we have since pushed a change that does allow sounds on notifications.

This was exacerbated by Apple's somewhat unclear settings: whether we send the sounds or not, Apple will always give you the settings to turn notification sounds off, even if there is nothing to turn off at the moment.

This should now be resolved, as several users had asked for this feature. Updating past retool version 3.22 should be sufficient. Let me know if you're having any issues with it!

- Adrian