Publicly shareable link not fully working (some queries don't load)

I have an app and everything works well when using myself and sharing access to users where they sign up and make a retool account.

However, when I make a publicly shareable link it seems that the app no longer has access to my vector database.

In the network tab of chrome, I get this error:

OBS! accessing my Retool SQL works fine, but it's specifically the vectordatabase that has this problem where it's not accessible in publicly shareable links.

Logged in:

Publicly shareable link:

Hey @jonas9411, can you give more color about the vector database query that you are using?

Might have something to do with permissions and access to the vectordb resource (for example, if I have a google sheet connected to a table, I need to give access to the sheet to the person I'm sharing the app with)

@huytool157 and @Haseeb1399, I am using Retool's built in vector database with two uploaded documents:

I am using two vector queries.

  1. to list the documents:

  2. a semantic search:

Hope that provides more context. Thanks for helping out

@huytool157 any discovery here?

@huytool157 I am still stuck here. Did you have time to look into it?

Hey @jonas9411, taking a look here. I can reproduce the issue, and will work with @huytool157 to find the root cause. We'll update you here as soon as we have any additional information to share.

Hey everyone. We just pushed a fix for this issue. It's a bit tricky to access Retool Database (which is where we store Retool Vectors data) in public apps. Please let me know if the problem persists. Sorry for the delay!

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