Public Sharing with Business License Missing

I upgraded my self hosted plan to business and I still do not see the public sharing option.

I've done the following

  • Switch from the install steps listed in the self hosted portal to those in the docs section
  • Ran "Check Key"
  • docker compose down, then docker compose up -d

I'm currently running my instance on a self hosted EC2 instance. We're using self hosted because we have added a JDBC driver for netsuite.

Any mentions of this in posts look to be 1 - 2 years old when the business plan wasn't an option for self hosted.

Hey @jdelivuk!

Retool designed this feature to support applications that offer unrestricted access to the public before adding more options to self-host retool. Because self-hosted customers use Retool behind a VPN however, these applications are not truly public and our engineering team pushed a fix to patch this. We’ve also developed some first class feature sets to properly support the use cases we most commonly see, such as Retool Embed and Retool Portals (upcoming).

That said, if you have a use case we might not be covering, we’d love to work with you! I can connect you with folks from our Sales team to work on making this happen.

Hi @victoria, the issue isn't that I can't connect to retool self hosted over the public internet, it's that my apps will never let me set them to be "public". Even if I'm on the same network and connect to retool, I CAN'T access the app unless the user logs in.

Hi again @jdelivuk! What version are you running? I checked on this for you internally and we'd love to hear more about what you are planning to use the feature for as we're thinking about the future of public apps. Would you mind sharing a bit about the use case and who the end users of the app are?

Has this issue been resolved yet? I am having the same issue. I’m on business self hosted and used public share link for certain instances and have lost the functionality.

The public apps feature is not in your plan

Talk to your Retool point of contact to learn more about enabling Public Apps for your organization.

My sales rep said I would not lose any functionality switching to business other than SSO and Git. Is there something I need to do to enable it again?

Hey @jdelivuk @MacD87 check out these other recently updated posts on a similar topic. The short version is that Public apps are now available on Retool's Cloud Business and Enterprise plans, while for self-hosted, folks on Enterprise can reach out to their account team to discuss access. I'd recommend checking out our newer features for external/public use cases: Retool Embed and Retool Portals to see if those would work for what you used to use public apps for :slightly_smiling_face: