Can't Enable Public link (Enterprise)

I've been having an issue with enabling a Public link for external users to access our apps. When I go to Share -> Public, I get the following error message:

The public apps feature is not part of your plan.

We're on self-hosted Enterprise, Retool versions 3.2.3, and have been able to do this in the past -- I only a few hours ago temporarily disabled the public link and encountered this error when trying to reenable.

Hi Dean, Welcome,

You'll need to contact support, they'll have to set a flag to turn that functionality on.

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Hi @Dean_Hathout - understand the confusion, @mbruijnpff is right that you can contact your account team if you haven't already.

For folks reading this in the future - if you're on the Enterprise plan and self-host your Retool instance, please talk to your account team at Retool to discuss the use case.

Happy to also share some more context on why you're seeing this now versus in the past: Retool originally designed this feature to support applications that offer unrestricted access to the public before adding more options to self-host retool. Because self-hosted customers use Retool behind a VPN however, these applications are not truly public and our engineering team pushed a fix to patch this. We’ve also developed some first class feature sets to properly support the public/external use cases we most commonly see, such as Retool Embed and Retool Portals.

Public apps are now only available on Cloud Business or Cloud Enterprise plans. See this doc referencing the plan levels that can use Public apps: