"Public" share option not available on On-Prem installation

Hi there,

is there anything "wrong" with my license or does the on-prem version not allow to share a link via "public" share option?


Cloud Version:

See the image above.

Thanks, Stefan

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Hey @stenit, happy to help!

Can I confirm what plan you are on for your on-prem instance? Public apps are only available on Business and Enterprise plans.

Hey @Jay

thanks for the fast answer.

I can only select between those 3 plans if I look at my on-prem billing page, so I selected "Enterprise" and I think this is currently activated:

However, on my cloud instance I am using the "Team" plan, which would work for me in the first run.

If required by you, please tell me which information I can provide you in a PM, in order to identify my account.

Thanks a lot!


Are you using the local trial script? If so, different docker-compose setups plus weird settings sometimes restrict certain features.