Retool On-Prem Billing


I've been happily getting along with Retool's Cloud Business plan, but as speed is essential for us, I took a test drive with a Retool's On-Prem installation. Turns out, it's an even better fit for our needs!

The tiny hiccup is that I don't seem to be able to create public links yet, maybe because it's still in demo mode?

I use Retool Cloud Business plan with the Retool credits I got thanks to your awesome Startup initiative. Can I use those to kick start a Business plan on the On-Prem?

Thanks! :pray:


Hey @PatrickMast - I wonder if what you're finding is that Public Apps aren't supported on-prem, while we instead recommend on-prem customers use our Portals or Embed features instead? Info on that change posted here.

Regarding credits I believe you were able to connect with our team directly a few weeks ago :slightly_smiling_face: Startup credits are meant to be applied to just one instance, not split. If you've still got most of your credits left we should be able to do a one-time transfer to a different org if you choose to use them for a different org.