Problem with icons in text inputs

I have a text field with tooltip, but its not really clear, that the tooltip is there, so I wanted to make it more visible. I tried to add and even tho the preview shows the icon the actual label does not.

ah so what you have inside of {{ }} is interpreted as javascript. it looks like Retool escapes the 'javascript' string for the tooltip. the escaping would start with a "\" and could possibly be further parsed as a unicode char like U+FFFD which is '�'. probably as a security thing, it's not usually safe to read code or text input all willy nilly. the reason the actual text ('/icon:bold/....') is being displayed is that the input on the right where you've typed {{ }} is being read and written as bytes or something similar. it's the equivalent of a literal translation instead of an interpretation.

try using the 'Icon Text' component instead:

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Hi @Jakub_Najvarek Were you able to solve this with @bobthebear's suggestion? Keep us posted if any further questions come up :raised_hands:

Yes, bassicaly i just used an icont text component, however i did not manage to insert it into the select. But it still works