Problem with displaying a photo after uploading it to Retool storage

Hi, I have an issue displaying photos in an application after they have been uploaded to Retool storage. Uploading and displaying the photos works, but when I click on the photo, the photo disappears, and the input field is cleared. Is anyone else experiencing this issue and does anyone know how to solve it?

Pasted Graphic 1
Pasted Graphic 2


Pasted Graphic 4


Thanks for the feedback, and apologies for the annoyance! We'll have the release with the fix out on Wednesday afternoon PST. Would that work for you?


Hello @JetzeJanssens Could I know which component you are using? I am interesting about this component, but I can't find it.

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Hi @AnsonHwang I'm using a listview component for displaying multiple images from the Retool Storage.

Thanks for reply. Where is this screenshot from? listview? or query?

It's from the image component in my listview

Great, It's a new feature I haven't found, thanks for your help.

The bug is still on, after click the file id value will disappear.

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Yes. We expect the fix to release on Wednesday Sept 13 by 2 PM PST. Let us know if you find the issue disruptive enough and we will hotfix it asap.


Hey @JetzeJanssens @AnsonHwang this bug should be fixed :tada: I wasn't able to repro the behavior anymore so should be all good! But please let us know if you're still seeing the image and file id input field cleared on click.