Plotly transforms

Plotly is deprecating transforms: Multiple transforms in JavaScript

Does Retool have another recommendation for grouping / aggregating data? Or do you recommend continuing to use plotly transforms?

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Hi @mwh22 Thanks for sharing this! I'll flag this to our team internally - I believe they were already planning to take a look at the chart component soon, but I'm not sure on specifics yet

I'll post here if I get any updates about the chart component :slightly_smiling_face:

One of my chart is rely on transform, but I think there is no problem for me to modify my component to use new version of plotjs.

There seem sometime Retool will update the js library version directly? Is any softer transition solution? e.g. add the version number of component, and the users can choose it according to their needs, but I know this maybe very hard, and lower the IDE performance, given the so frequent and fast updates of some js library.

Hi @AnsonHwang I will ask! Generally speaking, we do our best to only ship updates if they will add or improve functionality - rather than break existing work :crossed_fingers:

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