Plotly Guides Part I: Basic line charts + cool features

We feel that charting with Plotly is a seriously underrated option in Retool, and most devs on the platform aren’t really utilizing the power of Plotly enough. So - by popular demand - we’re launching a series of blog posts around building great charts in Retool and harnessing the many options available using the Plotly library.

In Part I, we start by breaking down the basics of line charts:

Plotly in Retool: Pros and Cons
Plotly Essentials
Scatter plot/line graph step-by-step:

  1. Chart 1: Basic chart
  2. Chart 2: Basic chart with trend line
  3. Chart 3: Annotations
  4. Chart 4: Color scale
  5. Chart 5: Range slider and time buttons
  6. Candlestick chart

In the next part of the series, we’ll move to something much more complex to really show how you can stretch the Plotly code to make some cool charts and graphs in your Retool apps.

:arrow_right::arrow_right: Charting in Retool with Plotly. Part I: Line graphs step-by-step beginners guide

Stay tuned for next week’s part II release!