How is there no transposed (i.e. vertical) table!?

Tables are so amazing - in how they allow you to both display and edit whatever data your resource query spits out.

If get an editable Key-Value like component...which is so useful for so many internal tools that need to display a single record and allow the user to edit its fields.

All the features required already exist within the current Table component. It's a purely visual transposition!

Either I'm going crazy and it doesn't exist - or the universe is. Lol. :frowning: :cry:

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Hi @Arjun! Are you looking for a pivot table option? We have a request for this internally. I'll post here when we're able to ship a solution :slightly_smiling_face:

You may be able to code up a solution in a custom component in the meantime

There's a discussion about pivot tables here that may be of interest

A pivot table is much harder to implement than just allowing a different styling of a normal table. So no - not that!

@Arjun I agree, in theory if you could click a checkbox which transposed the table, so that the columns ran down the left, and the values along the top, it would be great.....however on reflection I think the coding would actually be quite heavyweight (from my limited software dev experience). Also, the difference between just transposing, and aggregating - pivot tables can be used to transpose but they are really designed for aggregating, and only really designed for numerical data.

That said, it took me a year to work out how to implement a pivot table custom component, I've now implemented it in a module and I just drop it in to whichever app I need a table in. I'll try and paste the updated code, it is a bit of effort but it's really 'do once'.


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Thanks for this, @domjammoo and thanks for confirming @Arjun

We've got feature requests for both a pivot table & a transpose table option. I'll update this thread if we're able to ship either feature!

Hi @Tess, any news about pivot table & a transpose table?

Hi @mondob Thanks for checking in! Unfortunately, I don't see this on our immediate roadmap :disappointed: but we are still tracking interest for this feature -- I'll add your +1 to the internal request

plus one for me too please.