Physical location of remote users: Is there any reason this would influence app function for a user?

Question: Is there any reason or mechanism for / by which an app would behave differently for users in different physical locations?

  • Background: We have a cloud-hosted app whose interface includes a button component, attached to which is a script that runs INSERT and UPDATE resource queries using a trigger(). Remote users are experiencing unresponsiveness from this component / script, while home-city users have no problem.

  • Goal: App response to user interaction is expected to be uniform within a given user permission group.

  • Steps: Here's where it gets sticky. No admin has been able to repro the behavior reported by remote users (see details below).

  • Details: While users in our main office's home city (Phoenix) experience the expected behavior, this component / script is non-responsive for some users in remote locations (e.g., Oklahoma). No error is displayed to these users, the button / script simply "does nothing."
    All users (except admins) are in the same user permission group and log in with Google.

Here's the portion of the button-attached script that triggers the queries -- n.b. since the unexpected behavior seems only to affect users in other regions, I suspect that whatever is going on, is unrelated to the script itself --

  additionalScope: {
    postObject: paymentObject
  onSuccess: function (data) {
   let createdRecord = data.result[0];
        additionalScope: {
        onSuccess: function (data) {

Hi @nicholas Thanks for reaching out! In general, location shouldn't be impacting whether a script runs :thinking:

Are you able to get a screen recording with the user's network tab open?

Can you also have them try the app in an incognito window? It's not common, but sometimes a browser extension can mess with the app.

As far as you know, is this script the only discrepancy?

Can we get browser & device info for the folks that are seeing this bug?

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Thanks for your reply Tess!

The users (both on MacOS on MacBook Pro / Chrome) have tried incognito, but with the same result

This is the only manifestation of the behavior we've seen that seems (potentially) related to user location

I'll see if i can get a screen recording from the users with the network tab open --

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Thanks! Too bad the incognito mode didn't help at all. Looking forward to seeing the screen recording