Retool logging users out without notification

Hello all,

Has anyone else noticed that Retool apps will log users out but without notification-- that is, not that it returns the to the login screen, rather the app just stops working properly (e.g. queries won't run).
If the user then refreshes the page, it asks them to sign in again and then it works normally.

This seems like a fairly annoying bug for users as they may not realise things are not saving, being sent etc.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Has anyone come up with a workaround for this bug?


should we now be reporting Retool bugs elsewhere?

Hello, is anyone out there from the Retool team?

Hey @bg1900! I apologize for the time it took to get back to you. We're a bit busy, so it took a while to get to your message in our queue. This is indeed the correct place to post bugs, feature requests, musings, etc. Thank you for all your patience :slight_smile:

That's definitely strange. Are there any console errors once users get logged out? Do you know of any patterns between the affected users?

  • Browser?
  • OS?
  • Location?
  • Time of day that logging out happens?

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for getting back to me. I do understand you guys are super busy!

I do not see any errors or patterns. My users only notice it when they are trying to do things within an app (e.g. pushing a button which updates a database)-- the command clearly isn't running. If they then refresh the webpage, retool asks them to log in again and then everything starts working.

I am presuming that Retool is logging the user out without notifying them? Perhaps I am mistaken and there is another potential cause?

How strange :thinking: Are there any errors in the browser console when this happens? And are you able to share a screen recording of this happening, by any chance? That would be super helpful to be able to share with our eng team!

Not sure on browser errors. It seems to happen sporadically on different computers and iPads.

sorry I dont' have more information for you right now. If I am able to I will definitely get a video!

No apologies needed! Please do let me know if you're able to get a video or see some browser errors. Those errors should help identify where things are failing. And to double check, do users get signed out while in Edit more or Preview/User mode or both?

This is users in end user mode. We have not noticed this as an issue for editors or in preview mode.

Got it! I just let the our engineering team know about this and will keep you updated.

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great, thanks Victoria!

We are also experiencing this issue. Just started happening this week, appears random. We have dashboards up and they will randomly lose all their data and then when we refresh the dashboard, it asks us to log back in and when we do everything works great.