"Disable client-side routing" option is not working

  • Goal: Trigger a page reload when directing a user to one of our Apps from another app (or even refreshing the current app with a page reload)

  • Steps: Using the Go to Url option on a button click, to direct the user to a different app, I have selected the option "Disable client-side routing". I have also tried using the "Go to app" action but that also uses client-side routing. I even tried using a script for the action and triggering utils.openUrl(url, {newTab: false, forceReload: true}). I've tried setting window.location.href. I've tried window.location.replace(). I even tried replacing the button with standard html to use <a> tags to redirect to the app.

  • Details: All of the methods I've listed above trigger a client-side routing action to the destination app, when I need to force a page reload to happen. In one case, the button linking to our account app can also be displayed on our account app (passing different values for the hash params), and clicking it doesn't even update the params in the URL, so even though it's enforcing the client-side routing, this isn't even working as expected.

  • Screenshots: Sharing a screenshot of the button action. I have a screen recording of the issue in action, but I'd prefer not to share it publicly due to some private information within the content. Can share privately with Retool staff, and I've also shared it in a support email but I was asked to shared this issue here instead.