Phantom Sidebar Components from Module

I have run into the problem where I created an app that I decided to turn into a module. I cloned it to a module, thus the "sidebar" was deleted as well as the "header" since those are not part of a module.

The module works fine and when I import it in into a new app, it turns out that the module was still bringing in sidebar components, even though I thought they were dissociated from the module. Apparently, not gone and they are not available in the module component tree.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Create an app called APP_1, open it and add a sidebar frame. default nav and avatar is fine.
  2. Clone this to a module and all it MOD_1
  3. Create a new app called APP_2
  4. Try to add MOD_1 to APP_2 and you get this...
  5. Create a new sidebar frame, and you will find out that the avatar in footer gets stacked from the ghost module footer.
  6. Cannot delete the de-referenced component since it is from "the module"

Hi @khill-fbmc, thank you for your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

I was able to recreate this bug. I created a bug report and attached a screen recording of this issue. :lady_beetle::memo:

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