Component Spacing is Not Respected from a Module into Parent App

My module contains the following input components. The right edge of each component is overlapping into the next component.

On cloud.

Original from Module:

Parent App with Module Inside

Here's another example, the header and body of components are lined up in a module

But when embedded in a parent app the alignment is off

Hi @metechnologies, could you share what components you are using for this "Module"? I tried the "Navigation" component to recreate the first screenshots, as well as as a "Form" component to recreate the screenshots from your second post. I also created the form using a "Container" and "Text" input components. All of them look identical on the parent app, even after resizing the imported module.

Using the same width as in the module on the parent App:

Resizing the module on the parent App:

A couple more of questions:

  1. What browser are you using?
  2. Is this on Cloud or Self-Hosted Retool?
  3. This may be silly but could we try a hard refresh?
  4. Could you try resizing the container within the module to be about the same size as in the parent app and see if anything changes?

Hi, the issue fixed itself. Not sure what happened, it was happening for days.

Glad to hear the issue went away. :slightly_smiling_face:
We'll keep an eye out for other users experiencing the same UI bug.

Thank you for reporting it on the forum! :handshake: