ModuleContainer undefined

I'm seeing a bug similar to one documented and "fixed" according to this thread:

I see this error:

I've tried renaming the module, duplicating it and reimporting with another name. Nothing seems to fix the issue. I've burned a few hours on this. Frustrating. Any ideas for how to fix? I'm about to start rebuilding the module from scratch.

So I feel totally "punked"

When I try this format using moduleContainer ( moduleContainer.variablename ) in a field I see the reference working with the module:

But that is what breaks when using the module form a parent app.

Then I stumbled across some of my other modules and they use a reference like this:

you just put in the variable name, retool doesn't immediately populate the popup with the reference, but eventually figured it out. This works from within the parent app.

So how do I get my 4 hours back retool? :frowning:

moduleContainer should really be removed from the app until it works properly.

Hey @Barry_Saik, sorry that this took 4 hours :disappointed: unfortunately we can't give them back. I have filed a bug report with the dev team though so that it can be addressed, thanks for surfacing it! Just to confirm, what kind of object is practiceId? Is it a module input?

Hi Kabirdas-
Yes practiceId is a module input.