Paytm Dynamic QR Code API Integration

Need help on Paytm Dynamic QR Code API Integration has anyone done it?

Hello @Smita ,

Which Use Cases are you looking to integrate the Paytm QR Code API?

  • Create
  • Transaction Status
  • Refund
  • Refund Status

All of the above?

We are looking for Dynamic QR code create API . We are able to start but facing some issues due to server side checksum and getting 403 error.

Hello @Smita ,

I do not have specific experience with the Paytm create QR Code.

You may be encountering a 403 error due to issues with server-side checksum while generating QR codes within Retool. This error is usually triggered when a client tries to access a resource they don't have permission for. Here are some troubleshooting strategies:

  1. Permissions and Roles: Check if the client making the request has the necessary access permissions. Ensure the correct authentication tokens are being sent.
  2. Checksum Algorithm: If your API uses server-side checksum, ensure that the checksum for your QR code data is correctly generated. Cross-check the method used to create the checksum matches the server's specification.
  3. Payload and Headers: Confirm that the data being sent, like headers, payload or parameters, is correct and matches what the server expects. A mismatch can trigger a 403 error.
  4. API Endpoints: Check the API endpoint you are trying to reach. Confirm that it's functional and accessible.

If these strategies don't resolve the issue, it's recommended to check the logs or errors generated by your server-side code for more clarity. If the problem persists, consider using APIs that generate QR codes or creating a custom component in Retool instead.

Since the issue is specific to the server-side and QR code creation API, further accurate assistance would require consulting the API documentation or reaching out directly to the creators of that API.