Retool API how to use. Custom UI


I'm new with retool and at the current moment got some quetions and issues

Trying to test Retool API on self-hosted installation and, somehow, it doesn't work for me.

  1. Request to /api/v1/spec works it returns specification, but it doesn't require access token.
  2. Request to /api/v1/resources doesn't work. It returns me an error "Authentication failure. Invalid Authorization header. Access token not found".

To test API i'm using postman and request with response looks like that Screenshot by Lightshot . What am I missing or doing wrong?


  1. I would like to ask if there's any furter plans to add new api to create app / modules / users etc?
  2. Is there a way to add custom UI with my functionality? For example add menu item Screenshot by Lightshot and add my custom logic


Hey @mikkie!

For the issue you're running into - have you grabbed an access token as mentioned in these docs and passed it as a Bearer token in the Authorization header of your request?

At the moment there aren't concrete plans for expanding the API but I can let you know here if that changes and some of the features you mentioned are included!

For building out custom UI - I think the best place to do it might be within an app, what logic are you looking to add?

Hello @Kabirdas ,

Yes, access token in the header of the request Screenshot by Lightshot
Curl request doesn't work too. I've tried following command:
curl --location 'https://<domain>/api/v1/resources' --header 'Authorization: Bearer retool_sk_<token>'

For building out custom UI - I think the best place to do it might be within an app, what logic are you looking to add?
I need a page for admin to create set of apps, resources and modules based on a selected preset.

If i could use an API to create user, app, module then it'll solve all my issues

Ahh, the key for the API is not the one listed at the bottom of the "Beta" tab in your settings. In order to use the API you'll want to generate a new key from the API tab of your settings page, it should have the prefix retool_ instead of retool_sk_:

If this tab isn't available to you it may be because the feature hasn't been enabled for your org. If that's the cause could you either DM me or write in directly via chat or so we can look into it with you?

As for the app you're describing, it looks like that isn't possible at the moment :pensive: we can report back here when there's more support for dynamic app generation though!