Pass data in current_user.metadata stop update temporary state variable

Hi all,
Hey everyone,

We've incorporated a retool embed app that passes parameters via current_user.metadata (check it out here: Retool Embed App) and then binds data to a variable in our SQL.

However, a few days ago, it suddenly stopped working. The data is binding to the URL parameter, but not to the variable. Any insights or ideas?

Hello @AleksShadrin ,

Thank you for raising this issue.

I'd like to ask some questions to help better understand the scope and diagnose the cause of the problem.

  1. Verify if there have been any recent updates or changes made to your system around the time the issue started. Any error messages being displayed could be very useful to us.
  2. Inspect the server logs, if possible, as they could provide valuable clues to the problem.
  3. Check that you're running a compatible version of Retool. Retool Embed requires version 2.105.1 or above.
  4. Review the metadata configuration both in your backend and POST request to generate the URL. Confirm that they match the parameters you use in your Retool app.
  5. Inspect the SQL query that is used to bind the data with the variable. The variable name in SQL should match exactly with the metadata parameter.
  6. Try mocking out the values as you build your application, then replace them when testing your embedded application.
  7. Attempt generating a new embed URL and test if the problem persists.

Thank you!