Transitioning to Retool Embed Auth URLs: Passing Data Challenges


Previously, we used react-retool to embed Re-tool apps into our internal platform. Users would first log into Retool and then into our application.

Now, we're transitioning to Retool embed auth URLs. This change means our users won't need to log into Retool separately.

Generating the embed URLs has been seamless. However, we previously passed data using query strings into our app, and now I can't pass those parameters in the same manner.

What's the best approach to pass these parameters, preferably without altering the behavior of the Retool Apps?

Having the same issue. Need to navigate to a detail page by passing the id on the url but when an app is embedded it seems to not honor any of the url.

I notice this in the docs. However my app is not public but embedded via an embed url to the root app.

Hi there, Thank you for reporting this! We are tracking reports of this issue & I'll post here when I get updates. For the time being, Retool Embed doesn’t work with url params :disappointed: Our recommendation would be to use metadata passed in when generating the URL

Thanks @Tess - metadata is not really useful in this case as its a drill down from a table to a detail page. Lucky its a new app so I can use localState to hold the primary key needed in the detail page. Not ideal but works.

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