Pass data to an iframe running retool

Hi, we're evaluating retool as a potential way to extend our current developer portal. We currently have a full stack angular/golang developer portal.

I understand that Retool Embed exists for this use case, but is it possible to just run retool in an iframe in our application and pass data to it? Normally you'd be able to use a postMessage in the parent application or use a url query param on the iframe src to pass data. Then the child javascript would be able to either receive the message event or read the query param to read data.

I have tried both of these approaches (postMessage and url query param) but the retool app javascript queries don't seem to be able to read data in either of these ways. Is the only way forward to use retool embed, or am I perhaps doing something wrong here.

Specifically, the angular app is aware of the user's bearer token and that token must be passed to retool such that it can use it for http requests to our backend rest api.

Hi @codypotter - This is exactly the use-case for Retool Embedded as you've mentioned. I'd recommend checking out more in our documentation here. Let me know if you have any further questions on this!