Outlook email client Integration with Retool

We are trying to capture all incoming emails inside Retool and classify it based on each customer. So that we have a history of all customer conversations inside of Retool.

Once this is done we want to respond to these emails and maintain threads for it. The email can be either sent from Outlook or retool but we want the conversation thread needs to be maintained.

Has anyone work on something similar using Outlook ?

Hello @Darshan_Bhagat!

Could you share more details on what you are looking to achieve?

By 'capturing the email threads' there isn't a way to store this data in retool unless you want to upload this information to a database.

Retool workflows can be used for automating sending/responding to emails as they come in. If you connect this to your outlook account the email threads sent by a retool workflow should be found there.

Although I am not sure a workflow is able to maintain a back and forth email conversation. Here is a link to the docs on using retool's email functionality.

Hopefully another user has implemented a similar use case but I am not sure how you would maintain a history of customer conversations other than having this data stored in a database that you fetch to display in a retool app.