Forwarding Google Workspace/Groups Emails to Retool Workflows

Hey everyone,

Using (& loving) Retool to improve all our internal processes, I'm currently facing a challenge I'd like to discuss with the community.

We offer financial products through an Insurer. As we act as a broker, we handle all the subscription funnel & contract management through our services.

Sometimes, our Insurer reaches us with a problem on a customer or a contract (lets call them customer cases, they vary from a missing document to a simple question from the insurer).

The main topic is: these customer cases are sent to us by email.
The email address is our generic contact address handled by Google Workspace (important: its a Google Group). When we receive an e-mail, those are redirected to our Intercom inbox, which is our support-tool.

That's it for the context, so let's move on to my actual goal: streamline the process of managing these customer cases.

As for now, I am able to catch those new customer cases into Retool via a Webhook sent from Intercom to a Retool Workflow. That's pretty neat, and working fine BUT: some e-mails are not properly forwarded to Intercom by Google Workspace :confused:

So I am looking for a more robust integration.
I'd like to:

  • Create a database to keep record of these customer cases (I'll do it on Retool DB)
  • Forward incoming e-mails matching conditions into a Retool workflow so I can ETL them and upsert them in the DB.
  • I'll then build a Retool App on top of this database to manager the cases.

Question is:
What would be the more robust / reliable way of achieving the e-mail fowarding from Google Workspace/Groups to a Retool Workflow ?

There's no "mailhook" feature on Retool, and I'd like not to rely on any external tool than Google and Retool, so I'm sure I'll catch all cases.

There is no mailhook unfortunately. Tried to accomplish the same. Now emails go to and via webhook/http request to workflows.