Anyone else using Retool in conjunction with Integromat?

Just looking to see if anyone else is using similar tools.

whoa integromat looks so cool!
ooc, is your setup something like, events happen --> integromat records it in gsheets / some db --> view on a retool app?
or is it more like, do stuff in retool app --> set off chain of actions in integromat?

Both, actually! Integromat connects to Google Sheets and Integromat’s own simple SQL data stores. Integromat also connects to all the apps and services we use (PayPal, Chatfuel) and can also execute logic, parse info, etc
The way we’ve used the two is Retool provides the UI where we can control specific actions that Integromat can make our tools/platforms perform.

In all honesty, Integromat is Zapier/IFTTT on crack lol

ohh nice!! yeah integromat has so many useful integrations, i’m gonna try using it in my next app!

Hello friends!

Have you managed to integrate with Integromat?

Can someone help me with the process?

Thank you!

Hey Rafa! I’m the original poster here. Yup, we do it all the time. Shoot me an email at :slight_smile: