Option to Enable Expandable Rows disappears with upgrade to 3.22.1

Since I upgraded my on on-prem instance to 3.22.1 my table components don't offer the option to Enable Expandable Rows anymore!?

Any ideas?

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same here @victoria @Tess @Kabirdas

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Is it actually possible to downgrade without risk?

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So it seems that v3.22.3 fixes it for me.

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Hi folks! We accidentally gated the expandable rows behind a feature flag for a point release, and quickly pushed a fix to that so it should be working now, as it appears to be for you. Sorry about the confusion, and glad you're enjoying the new features!


Thanks for look behind the scenes, @AdrianMRyan!!

While I have your attention: Is there a better way to inform you guys of bugs like this than to post it in the forum?

That's a good question, I asked a manager the same thing after seeing this thread (I'm not on the customer success team, just helping out here and there). The answer right now is sadly "no", but it's a known deficit that we'll hopefully be getting to in the new year.