One internal user -- pricing

I've created my first app, and I'd like one person in my organization to use it. How can I do that in the free tier?

You aren’t able to have a restricted end user of the app in the free version. That’s one limitation of the free version only has the editable view of apps, because you wouldn’t want to give access to that to a user (because they might accidentally make changes to the app or resources). On the Plus plan, you’re able to access the apps in end-user mode (as in outside the editor), but if you want to have users restricted to only accessing apps in end-user mode that is the Pro plan’s level.

I am not worried about the other user editing the app. Can I share my template with others?

I guess theoretically, you could export the app and they could import it on their own free account. If it is complex or uses retool’s managed databases it would be a lot of work to implement. You miss out on a lot of useful features that way, you can’t easily send them updates to the app. Or you could pay $10/month per user for the base service level.