On Select Table Text Bold (and when updated row, text color lighter

Hi there,

I am trying to change the text of a row to bold when selected.
Also I would like the text of the row to become lighter when updated...

I did manage to change the background color of the rows depending on certain conditions, however I did not manage to change the text from normal to bold...

Hey @ellenhelena!

At the moment there isn't support for dynamically setting font weight or text color in that way though there is an internal feature request for supporting more style options in the new table.

Based on your comment it sounds like you may be using the legacy table though, is that the case? If you are, there's a temporary workaround using custom css you might try for making selected rows bold:

#rt-table-yourTableId .selected{
  font-weight: bold;

I'm not finding a workaround for changing the text color for edited rows though perhaps you meant something different by "updated"?

Let me know what you think!

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Thanks for the suggestions.
Yes I ment changing text color when a row is edited/updated. I wanted certain rows, to be less prominent when marked by user as 'done'. However, it is not a big deal if it is not an option yet.

I am using a legacy Table indeed. I tried the css .selected method before, but I probably couldn't find the right classname as it did not work. I use the inspector tool to find the classnames...

I have copied your className, and it works!! Thanks =)