New component: Directed Graph

We would love a Directed Graph component! Something that lets us render some data as a bunch of ndoes and edges, and exposes click events when the user interacts with one of the nodes (or edges). Allowing the user to then view/edit data associated with each edge/node would be great.

Thank you!



Hey @aivajoe, and welcome to the community! Sorry for the delay here - this is a pretty interesting idea. What’s your use case here?


Our hypothetical use case would be version and lineage tracking. We are a laboratory so we keep PDFs of “protocols”, or detailed recipes about the steps involved in an experiment. These protocols are versioned and associated with the experiments with which they were conducted. It would be cool to have a visual interface for someone to follow the evolution of a protocol and the experiments linked to each protocol version.

It would also be cool for us as a way to visualize family trees as we track lineages of organisms and how they have been crossed with each other, etc.

Any news regrading this requirement?

Hey @luisenrique77!

No updates yet, but we'll let you know here if it's included :slightly_smiling_face:

In the meantime, you may be able to do something with a custom component. There's an example of creating force-directed graphs using d3 here that can be implemented in Retool (see the attachment). It'll take some finagling to work properly, but you might want to try playing around with it... or other libraries!