Flowchart report showing record relationships

We are looking for a component to display a series of records showing their relationships in a flowchart. an optimal solution might allow us to connect the records visually, creating the database joins for the user.

this solution looks close, but open to other solutions.

Is there any update on this?
I need to make a custom component like this in retool - GitHub - wbkd/react-flow: Highly customizable library for building an interactive node-based UI, workflow editor, flow chart or static diagram

Is it possible?


Hey @jaysimplehuman!

No updates yet. You might try using a custom component like the one attached :thinking: Would you mind sharing more about your use case?

Hey, is there a any guide to using such a flow in custom component?

Hey @Narek_Hovhannisyan!

It looks like there are some good docs/tutorials in the React Flow docs. You can import the JSON in the post above as a starting point and there's some additional documentation on developing custom components that address the Retool side of things.

Hopefully that helps!