Figma components for Retool

Our team has recently started to use Retool to build apps. Does Retool have a Figma component library? As a UX designer, it would be very helpful for me as I can work on design iterations for the apps we build.


Hi @avinashbarua, welcome to the community! At the moment we don't have a general component Figma component library to share out, but this is becoming an increasingly popular ask from our users and community. I will log this as feedback for our design team to track and will update you if there are any planned changes to roll this out. Thanks for sharing this here!


@alina.retool is there any possibility to stay update on this specific request. We are considering moving to Retool; however our design process is highly dependent on Figma thus a Figma to Retool conversion will be key. Thanks!

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Hi @Ben1 yeah, just follow this post for the most up-to-date info on the status of this feature request -- it's quite a popular one and we'll let you and the community know as soon as there are any updates!

Want to just +1 to this request. It would be super helpful for us to have a Retool UI Figma component library to lean on as we design more and more Retool apps.

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+1 to this request.

+1 to this request. Would be the most effective way to communicate between eng and design about retool apps.

+1 for this

Just out of interest, we're starting to use Retool itself for UI design, just creating non-functioning pages, and then engineering can plug in the features. Cut Figma out entirely, it's no harder than using Figma.

Agreed. A component library in Figma (or even Miro) would help speed up mockups and better understand what capabilities can be modified/styled.

+1 as well

1+ Mos Def

+1 Here as well. It would be very helpful to have a design reference or a component and templating guideline or Figma file that helps designers with visual presentation and possibilities and customization options.
Many thanks and is there a possible update on this feature since July 2022?

Another +1. Has anyone in the Retool or Figma community come up with a solution yet? Maybe if we all build one component each… :grin:

+1 for this) it's still actual question. this is still a valid question. this solution will significantly improve the user experience. will wait


+1 to this request

Retool components are essentially JSON objects-
Just need to translate Figma, to retool JSON.

Perhaps use GPT4 :eyes:


+1 from me! We're using retool for internal apps only, so as a PM I can just bang something with these components out instead of bugging our designer.

+1 please