Custom HTML Table Column with Button

I would like to design my own button to put in a table's HTML column- but anything that I put into the html that starts with <button> or <input> gets removed.

How can I inject my own raw HTML into a table cell without it being filtered out?

Edit: put the '`' around the button and input so they would show up correctly. Sorry they were not visible earlier.


Hey there, thanks for reaching out :wave: Would you mind clarifying what you mean by 'anything that I put into the html that starts with or gets removed.'? As for the button, this HTML column type is for text tags with related styles:

Sure thing! Here is an example of a button tag getting stripped out:

It would be amazing if there were a toggle switch that would turn on and off this behavior like how the button column can interpret it's inner html as raw html (this could even disable the editable nature of the column if that is a concern).

Even if I try using text tags and styling them like buttons- all of their functionality gets stripped removed:


Thanks for those screenshots! Appreciate that added context :+1: As this is not currently a supported functionality, I will move this to our feature requests :slightly_smiling_face:

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@lauren.gus - I am trying to do the same and I would love the ability to add custom buttons and embed custom components (either modules or custom React components) in a table column.

Right now, even if I add a <div> and dress it up to look like a button, it cannot execute any queries.
This has become a frustrating experience when trying to migrate some of our old tables to Retool.

For example, in the following table, the green $ buttons and the blue ? buttons are shown right alongside the column data, and it's shown/hidden depending on custom logic.

Am I correct to assume that there's no way to build something like that in Retool right now ?


@fragrant_issues Hey there! You should be able to create a custom column and change it to type Button as well as 'Render cell as pure HTML'. Does this option work for your use case?

@lauren.gus - Thank you but unfortunately render as pure html does not solve the issue.
The goal is to have a button right next to text.

Something like this
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 9.07.09 am

Depending on some business logic, the button is either shown/hidden and I do not want to create a complete new column just for the button. The idea is to be able to have my own custom HTML in a table cell and the ability for that HTML (through a button, or link) to be able to trigger a query

Thanks for that added context -- confirming that is not currently possible and is a great feature request. Tied the request to this thread :+1:

This still doesn't seem to have been added and would like to voice that it would be REALLY nice to have.