Need to download as CSV

Hi i have 2 questions

  1. how to get exact row count and show in the table as per my API result its not showing all the data in table and count is showing max 50 rows only.

2.HI i have fetched data from API which is shown in table form and the data contains JSON response
which is having Objects and arrays so i needed only some Strings from the data so by using {{currentRow.}} option im able to fetch what i wanted.

i requirement is when i'm trying to download im getting data as raw data in csv
i want only this columns data what i'm showing in table.
how to download only this not raw data.

Hi @naveen,

You can check the property of the table by opening the left-panel. Clicking the table component you want to export as csv should have property of displayedData and displayedDataIndices. You can refer to my answer on this thread on exporting this table.

For the first question, I think you'd want to use either of the properties above and check their length (should always be the same).

For the second question, displayedData will be the one you want to access instead of just for export.