I have table with data how to convert this table data / only required columns data into CSV

My requirement is

  1. I have an data from API that i need to store in table and display this is done
  2. Now i need to convert/ pass some columns data from table to CSV how to do in retool

Hey @naveen!

You can try using the "Export data" event handler for this along with the _.pick function, together that might look like:

If you're looking to do it in a script there are a couple of utilities you can also try, The first is utils.downloadFile, how to download CSVs with that is outlined in our docs here. You can also use utils.exportData which will automatically download your data as a CSV:

utils.exportData(_.pick(formatDataAsObject(table1.data), ["columns", "you", "want", "selected"]))

Note: If your data is already formatted as an object of arrays you can go ahead and drop formatDataAsObject from both examples