Navigating with Button Group

I have 2 screens in my Application: Invoice01 and Invoice02.

I am trying to use a Button Group to navigate from one to the other.

I have created some code called "GoToInvoice01" in the Event Handler for one of the Buttons. The code in "GoToInvoice01" is simply "Invoice01".

This generates an error message. What should I have in there?



Can you share some screenshots?

Hi Scott:
I am attaching 2 screen shots.
You will see 5 buttons in the upper left hand corner.
The various screens come from Apps called Invoices01, Invoices02, Invoices03 etc.
What do I put in the Event Handlers for each button to route to that App.

Hey @mdsmith1! Jumping in here with Scott to try helping.

Are you using either of these Event Handlers?

Hi Victoria:

The documentation on this is a bit daunting.
Anyway, I took the URL of the Products app and put it into a Javascript block called "GoToProducts".
So I have the Event Handler under the products button running GoToProducts. This does not work.
I am showing a screen shot of the Javascript code.
Any thoughts?

You event handler should contain the App selected which in your case is Invoice2 in the redbox:
Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 11.27.53 AM

Yes, it works perfectly.
Thank you so much.
I will mark this as a Solution.
Thanks again.

Scott: I find this works perfectly if there is only one option for routing.
I have tried that Hatch Parameters and these don't work.
I can't find anything in the documentation that covers this.
I am attaching a screen shot.

What are you trying to do?
Are you attempting to go to Invoice2 and carry those Hash param values over? If so use Query Params...
Or are you trying to also go to other apps using separate buttons?
Each button needs its own event handler in the same way you set up the one for Invoice2?

Scott: Yes, I see it now. I have put the individual buttons into a container so they look like a button group. But as you suggested, I can assign apps to each button.
So everything works fine now.
Thank you very much.