Transferring from one Screen to Another

I have a situation where I have an app that shows a table .

If the operator wants to add a record, I would like to route the operator to another app that provides a form screen for entering a new record.

I have an "Add Record in Form" button at the top of the table screen. I have created an action called "AddRecInForm" and I have given the name of the Form Screen but that doesn't seem to work.
I have added some screen captures for clarification.

My recommendation would be to put the Add Record form in a modal rather than a separate app. This is faster for the user as an entirely new page does not need to load. It is easier for you as you do not need to handle passing hash parameters around and figuring out the best way to refresh the original app's table after the record is entered.

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I have gone through the documents but I can't see how to give a Form a Modal Property.
Could you advise me as to how I would go about this?

You want to create a new Modal and then put your form into it. Think of a modal as a type of container as opposed to a property. I would refer you to the docs, but they seem to be broken right now.

You can drag/drop your form into the modal once it is created so you don't have to redo any work.

If you are moving your form from a different app, then copy/paste works. A brand new feature which makes this a tad easier is to copy your form form your source app, right click the modal button (or open the modal) in your destination app and right click and select Paste...Paste In Modal.

You are not going to believe this.
I actually got this to work. There were a few false starts and brick walls but I eventually got this to work. There was nothing natural for me here but its a great thing now that I have reached the end point.
Thanks, Bradley, so much for your help.

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