Proceeding to New Screen

I am going from one screen to another and can't get the calculations to fire on the way out.

The first screen shows the calculations with "AwaitUpdateLetter2"
The second screen shows the "GoToApp" "InvoiceReportModal".
The third screen shows how they are combined.

It seems that "AwaitUpdateLetter2" does not fire. So I route to the new screen without any calculations.

Any thoughts?



Hey mdsmith!

I'll try to explain what is happening here.

  1. You are triggering a query with 0 debounce
  2. After the query is triggered new page is opened and everything on first page that happened is now "lost"

What you can do:
On success of the "awaitUpdateLetter2" trigger opening "InvoiceReportModal" while passing the values you need by using hash/query params and then using those to load the calculations you need.

If no values are passed - a newly opened app won't have access to the data from the previous app.

Hope that helps!


Yes, it worked !
Thank you so much.
I will mark this as a Solution.
Thanks again.